Ghost Creative Studio is a game developer studio from Argentina who loves make games. We are a dedicated team seeking to develop interesting and fun games for multiple platforms.

We use a wide variety of technologies that lead us to experiment and explore new forms of development. We hope you have fun playing our games just as we have fun creating them.


Game Development

We offer development especially oriented to web games,
mobile devices and PCs.

Art Consulting

Consultation and support for 2D, 3D art, traditional animations and by bone. Interface design.

Game Design Consulting

Consultancy to formalize your game idea in a design documents and appropriate presentations.

Music Consulting

Development of musical themes, sound effects and everything necessary for a complete sound panorama for each project.

Our  Games

Road Mayhem
Just Move and Park
Slap a Boss
Pixi Poxi pocket lab
Punchbots pocket edition
Zero Reaction
Always Green
Toxic Tower
Pro Air Hockey
Cannons Warfare


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