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2022 has been a particular year for our studio a year of new projects and joys but also of challenges and a lot of work. Ghost Creative Studio 2022 Recap.

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Beacon of Neyda Dev Diary #3

It’s almost the end of the year and maybe this new dev diary is a bit late but it’s going to have to count for two. Christian here again with news about Beacon of Neyda.


“Best Art”

For a few months we have a pre alpha build of the game that we use to participate in events and thanks to the wonderful work of our artist Franco alias “Pelado” and the small team that we have in general we have won two awards so far. Something that makes us very happy because if we achieved that with a job in pre alpha, can you imagine what we could achieve with a final version?

Having said all this, we currently have a new pre alpha version which will be receiving adjustments and maybe you can see it in an event in which we participate or in a closed test that we organize (Follow us on our Discord community to find out about it). For now we do not have any candidate versions for a public demo and it is something that we will only think about during 2023.


Development status

As I mentioned before, we have a new playable pre alpha version. With a simplified exploration underground, the integration of general and individual upgrades.
For example one of the problems that we detected is that games with this “2D defense style” is that you have the main character that moves from one corner of the map to the other several times and the movement is slow and tedious when expanding your domains a lot. Therefore, one of the first upgrades that you have access to is about movement, allowing you to move much faster through your domains and it is not the only one, future upgrades will focus on the movement of exploration outside your domains, making it a more dynamic game.

Being in such an early stage of development of the game we have been integrating support for multiple languages, because yes, we have already integrated a simple dialogue system in the game since we want that when expanding the game it is an element with which we already have as base and not have to integrate it at the last minute.

The “Beacon of Neyda universe” is growing every day and we want to give interesting lore to whoever is looking for it and great gameplay to whoever just wants to play.


What will happen during Christmas and New Year?

We have been working on this project and others throughout the year and the team deserve a break for the great work they have done, we still haven’t gotten full funding for Beacon of Neyda so we have only been working part time on the project “best case scenario”.

Therefore we will take a few weeks off, that doesn’t mean that our social networks will not be active but at least until next year there will be no big news (which could be… I can’t say anything else)

We hope 2023 will be a great year for Beacon of Neyda and our team. We hope you have a happy holiday and see you next year!

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