Beacon of Neyda Dev Diary #4


Christian here! Hi! Today I bring you a summary of how development is coming and what has happened in these couple of months since our last dev diary.




Development Status


Our last dev diary was in December where we announced that we were going to stop development during the holidays and that we would return in 2023.

But what has happened since then? the answer is a bit complicated, we have returned to the development of the game but very slowly, we are still dealing with some funding issues but the biggest problem has been the bureaucracy. I’m not going to bore you, but in the last month and a half we’ve had to deal with a ton of paperwork, taxes, and other things to get our studio to accept funding for game development.

We’re optimistic about how the game will progress from now on but putting that aside, where have we progressed in the game?
Well, we have made progress in the creation of more underground sections, while we have improved our lighting system (the day and night cycle) that we had to deactivate for a while. Among other minor design tweaks and tweaks to the pre alpha build we have on sample. And speaking of pre-alpha…




Thank you so much!


Thanks to a fellow indie developer we had a great validation moment for our game. We know the concept is good, but other than a few closed tests or small event shows up to now the game hadn’t been shown to the general public, and that changed with the Splatter Cat video. Despite having several bugs and being Such an early version of the game, he played our pre alpha version and we had very good feedback both from him and from his community, something that has helped us a lot. But since then he has not been the only youtuber interested in trying our game and we also thank Dan Field and Only Indies among others for showing interest.

So thank you very much everyone!



Public demo?

After getting some extra attention and many questions, we still can’t secure a public demo, yes we are going to work towards that goal but we can’t announce a date yet, thanks also to the support of the new followers, the people who joined to the community and that he has added the game to his wishlist. It honestly means a lot to us…

And that’s all for this month.


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