Beacon of Neyda Dev Diary #5

Christian here again! Hi! Today I bring you a summary of how development is coming and what has happened in these couple of months since our last dev diary which was a while ago… so let’s get down to business.

What happened?

Getting to the point, lack of financing, that’s what happened, since we couldn’t secure any stable source, we had to carry out other types of work and actions to maintain the study. This left us with little time for the game. In addition, our studio has a particularity, despite being a small studio (5 people), we generally take care of actions that larger studios would do.

An example of this is participating in different events both in our country and in other countries, helping to generate a local community with different actions, such as talks or events. Which also absorbs a lot of our time and sometimes even part of our budget.

Does this mean that the game died?… No, quite the opposite, although it is true that we still do not have a fixed budget to be able to work on it full time, we have been making small advances in development, but again they are “boring” advances since they are difficult to show.

Development Status

Firstly, new trailer, I think it shows the idea of the game better, secondly we have a new logo. The old one was fine, but to generate promotional material and take it to events it did not look good. Thus the new logo was born, no longer in a pixel art style but I think it works just as well together with the main art image.

The third action that we were carrying out was the update of the engine where the game is created, this is a task that can take a while and always generates errors that developers have to deal with. So why did we do that if it brings so much trouble? The answer is simple, we need to keep the version of the engine we use updated so we can port to consoles without much difficulty.

A request that we had from several fans is that the game be on multiple platforms at the time of its release and it is something that we are fulfilling as well. Other things we did was update the general lighting system for interiors and some advances in the creation of art assets.


How is the development going from now?

Again I want to close this blog entry on an optimistic note, we hope to have very good news soon. That means finally having the time to work on the game as it deserves, but in the worst case scenario we’re still going to move on and one way or another we will finish the game.

If you follow us on our social networks you will also see that when we are working on other jobs we always create a mini game and launch it. If you play our other games, share them and leave us your opinions it also helps us a lot to continue.

…And that’s all for this month. Hopefully the next blog post won’t take so long.

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