Beacon of Neyda Dev Diary #8

First devblog of 2024, sorry for the delays like every beginning of the year and how our last few months have been… we could say that it has been busy, new things to tell about the development and news from the studio. I almost forgot to introduce myself, I’m Christian and I’m going to tell you about all the news!


Technology from Neyda world

“Upon arriving on the new planet all the AI’s automation protocols came into progress and the construction of the big city began:”

With a better defined story and a deeper lore, many artistic and design decisions have been adjusted, mainly in terms of the functioning of certain things, for example the energy cores, their use throughout each map or level is going to be a lot more important since there will be a greater variety of machines that use it without neglecting its importance for the construction or improvement of new buildings.

Defining the technological level of a science fiction story can be difficult, our greatest inspiration comes from sources such as alien, cowboy bebop, Trigun among others.
We hope that the final result will be interesting for players looking for a more complex lore in their games, but for casual players, don’t worry, it still has the same game bases of base construction, defending waves of enemies and exploration.


(early concept)

Development Status

Progress in development is constant but having to rearrange many of the previous systems to make them more modular has taken us longer than expected. We are currently working on the new enemy spawn system, this new system will allow us greater control, choosing which points on the map can make enemies appear, with what frequency, what type and quantity, taking into account different global variables that will adjust the difficulty of the waves according to the player’s skill.

This also enables other game modes apart from the campaign, for example survival, how long the player can survive with infinite waves and limited resources? You’ll have to find out when the game is released.

Finally we confirm that most of the changes that we mentioned in the last couple of devblogs will be able to be tested in the future demo to be released, we are still defining how much it will cover and what the experience will be, but our goal is to have a free demo so that everyone can try it and give us feedback on the game.


(Yeah prototype of one of the enemies in 3D printing)

The Ghost Creative team

Many players see the development of a video game as something linear, which is why I have been very careful not to mention possible release dates, since being an indie studio our life is not so linear or stable (if you have read the previous devblogs or follow us from the beginning you will know it). That’s why I wanted to share a little about the team.

We are currently 6 people working on the game, mostly from Argentina, although our studio also has roots in the neighboring country of Uruguay.

We hope to slowly build the team as we finish this game. Currently looking for pixel art animators to complement the work of our wonderful artist Franco.

We are also very happy because our musician and audio specialist Leandro has taken a few weeks off due to the birth of his second daughter.

We are a small team with great ambitions, remember if you want to help you can join our community or follow us on social networks.

Remember to join our patreon or buy our minigames at launch if you want to help us with the development and thank you very much for your patience, we are finally moving forward in the way we wanted in the development of the game.



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