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DevBlog returned and in this new post we will tell you a little about our second game (not much at the moment, just a little) the updates that come in Cannons Warfare and future projects.

To start we started by presenting (at least in our blog) our new game FocuSEE a game with a casual approach developed for mobile now many decisions and strategies are being rethinked for this new game so the project is progressing slowly we want to create something much more complex with a lot of levels and we hope to achieve it in this project.

Initial animation of the menu

The more we deepen in our knowledge the better games we want to make, and that is why updates and maintenance are so important, our game Cannons Warfare is currently in version 1.2.8, (the last time we showed it in the DevBlog just came out in version 1.2) has a new audio system and saved, in addition to a complete review of animations and a new work in the AI in its latest update, we integrate a new scenario for the closeness of the Christmas season.

Currently we work on version 1.3 this version will bring the integration of a new mechanics, different scenarios and finally skins to choose from something that excites us a lot and is a necessary change to get to concretize it as a mobile game of good level.

December map in Cannons Warfare

As for our future projects we have several underway from a platform for PC action to a rpg worked together. We have the development of a tower defense and an extension to a turn-based strategy game. For all this we manage an increasingly larger variety of tools integrating Unity as the last addition to the list.

We hope to be able to come to fruition with all our projects and keep moving forward in this new phase of our enterprise.

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