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Gato, the social gaming platform for everyone

Today we bring you a new useful article for players and developers. Our games are available on different platforms, and for the past few months, some of our titles have been on GATO. But…what is GATO? Stay and find out.

To begin, GATO is a free global and social platform with the mission of supporting, boosting, incubating and developing indie games and their creators, while exposing the games in front of thousands of players.

Its idea is to seek to publish and scale games of any type or state, for example: pre-alpha, alpha, demos, experiments, about to be launched or already launched, all this through a multi-device platform that has a large audience eager to play all kinds of games. All this sounds good, on one hand players can find a great variety of games and developers a platform where they can showcase and even test their game ideas for free, but that’s not all, they can also monetize them.


Just like other platforms, GATO shares advertising revenue with developers who have uploaded their games to the platform. But the big difference is that the developer doesn’t have to integrate strange APIs or make weird adaptations, GATO takes care of everything, which is a great advantage. Now, how is the balance of what was generated calculated? It’s very simple, when your games get the most attention from users, for example, the more sessions and minutes there are, the more you’ll earn. It is calculated based on the CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions).



Previously we mentioned that GATO seeks to publish and scale indie games and help their creators, and a wonderful way it has to do this is Game Quest, an event where developers can upload their games, be voted on by the public and finally be analyzed by industry experts who are part of the “GATO Council”, which includes people from Argentina, Brazil, the United States, Spain, Mexico, Peru and Italy. We have to highlight that in its first edition we were part of the council and had the opportunity to play great games.

In its latest edition, more than 600 games were presented and more than 100 were selected to participate. They were played by players from more than 100 countries and there were various prizes for the winners.


Finally, if you are players and want to see what you can find on GATO, we share the link to their website with you. Also, if you are developers and found everything we told you interesting, you are invited to upload your games!


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