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Soft restart… new name… logo and focus

2018 … New year … new logo … new study? … We renew ourselves and we leave behind part of our regular work all this and more in this new post… the first of 2018.

As we had been doing during the past year… our focus changed focusing more and more on the development of video games so we took advantage of the start of a new year to give birth to a studio focused entirely on the development and production of video games.

For this rebirth we needed to renew our identity move away from the established but at the same time maintain our identity that we have been building for several years and this is how Ghost Creative Studio was born.

With a “renewed” name and a new logo we are dedicating ourselves to renewing our social networks for the moment only our Twitter and Instagram are working the facebook page will be ready and running in a few more days. Finally we have planned to renew our website this is going to be a long process… surely we have to individually pass each post to the new site for the structure that we currently manage. Apart we will have a new domain and platform but we hope to have everything ready, a new blog underway new games and many more projects. This is all for now, happy new year 2018 and a good year for everyone!

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