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Start of 2022 and summary of our 2021

First blog of the year and this time we return with a short summary of last year, new projects and what awaits us in the future

2021 was a somewhat strange year again, the pandemic situation continues to affect our lives day by day. This translates into a different approach to production and game creation throughout the year.

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Update to iOS

Over the past year we made a switch and tried our hand at developing hyper-casual games, winning a few awards along the way, which prompted us to expand to a new platform, iOS, slowly but steadily our games they were adding and each new project is already designed from the beginning to give support to the different mobile platforms.

From this link you can access our library of games on iOS: Games

Own games of 2021

Leaving aside the services and projects created for third parties, during 2021 it was a good year of production of own games, first of all we have “Toxic Tower” a simple game to start the year.

“PunchBots: Pocket Edition” the second game we released in the year which was later followed by its PC version.

Third was “Slap a Boss”, an experimental game that came out of a hyper casual game jam.

Along the same lines, our fourth game also comes out of a “Road Mayhem” jam.

And last but not least, a few days before the end of the year “Just Move and Park” a new simple and casual game for mobile devices.

As always, we thank those who help us spread our games, for example, this recommendation given by Gameskeys in “Top Android Games To Tryout in January 2022


At the end of last year we started working on a new project, a game for PC and consoles, although we have shown some basic concepts. In the coming weeks we will announce more about this new game, but if we can anticipate that it will be a strategy with a pixel art aesthetic.

The idea is to be able to launch it at the end of 2022, so stay tuned for news.

On the other hand, we started 2022 by organizing the local venue for this year’s Global Game Jam, if you don’t know what the GGJ is, you can go through this article where we explain what this event is about.

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