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As time passes more than a month ago it was our last update now in this new DevBlog. I’ll tell you a little work experience and adaptation.

As with any project it is easy to imagined, and although we knew which was our goal during the planning and implementation were opened different paths before us one of them led to this future mobile game.

Cannons Warfare

During mechanical research and proposals for our original project we came across this idea with a little more research we find a reference work and from there was to try and experiment on the possibilities.

Understanding that we lack experience deviating a little favor us assemble and finish these small app helps us a lot not only for better understand the tool we use (in this case Construct 2) but we gain experience. A mechanical simple for the game were implemented a player versus AI which can adjust its difficulty the ultimate goal is to beat the opponent by hitting the shots the difficulty is not only based on calculating the power of the shot but overcome obstacles and fight the effects from the environment

Although still, missing close details will soon be on Google Play Store, free for all.

May not mean much but for us it is an important advance before moving on to other more important projects that will tell you soon in other entries in DevBlog. Changing the subject a little we have added a new kit “Simple Card Game Kit” in GraphicRiver, for those interested we have resumed activities in this market and we will be uploading new material once or twice a month that’s all for now until next time.

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