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DevBlog 01 “The beginning”

Well this is the first entry of what will be the Devblog, really venture into this new medium (video games) fills us with excitement, new challenges will find? don’t know but we are ready to face them as each new project we work.

This is a personal project so progress will be as give us in time between jobs. Much remains to be defined but we are taking our first steps and we want to share.

In the start we started with a team of three people, after an afternoon of brainstorming, we decided to start this project. We define the genre and understanding our capabilities we got down to work.

We are all designers and although we have had several experiences with web programming or languages used in engines of development we decided to go for the more logical choice for us at that moment Visual Scripting.

Although there are many engines and software that use this way we decided to use Construct 2 as it was well suited to our needs.

Building game mechanics

There is much to do but somewhere you have to start while we define the visual aspect that you will have our project we began to lay out the foundations of the basic mechanics of our game such as the movements of our player his life and environmental conditions.

That’s all for now we hope to reach the end of this project with a good result, learning and overcoming the challenges that lie ahead as always if you want to keep up with these publications will go out do not forget to follow us on our social networks

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