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DevBlog 03 “Update and first game”

A couple of months have passed since our last devblog publication but there is a good reason for this. The work does not give us a break and our experiment is not just a simple publication.

With new acquired knowledge and a little more experience we are dedicated to revaluing our little game…


Learning and growing and a new version

Our goal was never to attract attention at least not directly since what we were after was knowledge and work experience. Approximately one month after the initial launch (which was not more than a pre-alpha) we started preparing the main update.

The interesting thing about this new process is the use of project management techniques of which we didn’t know much.

In the first instance an WBS was carried out to organize the work form and then an estimate of the time.


In order to make progress on the work the Scrum technique of agile management was borrowed… the work methodology by iteration cycle creating in this way a fluid and organized form of continuous development for us.

In this way we were able to update all the art of the game optimize the code and its operation we advanced ideas for multiplayer game modes as well as features of Google Play services we generated a new fluid and useful interface in addition to correcting bugs and integrating new mechanics to the game.


To be closing the issue, we will continue paying attention and improving our little “experiment” and we can finally say that we have our first game officially published, but … it is also time to move on to the next project, even if they are projects that we carry in our free time, still for a good time but the devblog will not disappear, so if you want to keep up, do not stop following us and wait for news about our new project very soon…


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