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First videogame development workshop

About a month ago we committed ourselves to assume the responsibility of promoting the development of video games locally among the new exploration lines for our enterprise. The opportunity did not take long to arrive and we managed to develop a project for a free workshop which seeks to bring the subject of development to people without practical knowledge in programming.

The opportunity was given and supported by Cultural Industries of Entre Ríos – CEICER and space provided by the NAC. This mini workshop of 5 hours seeks to be a small introduction to the world of video game development for people outside of it being able to share with them some basic principles and useful tools.

The workshop will consist of a theoretical phase, to give a context to the participants and a practical phase where it would be to carry out a joint work to develop a simple game applying the basic principles learned in the first phase it is worth mentioning which is a basic introduction and we will barely touch the tip of the iceberg that is the development of video games.


We hope to continue doing this type of initiative it seems a fundamental task to be able to motivate and facilitate access to the videogame development industry in a regional manner to people interested in doing so and who do not know how to integrate.



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