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Summary Global Game Jam – Paraná

Almost two weeks after having organized a Global Game Jam venue for the first time in the city of Paraná we shared a summary of the event and curiosities of the games created!

The first event of the year in which we participated and organized, the Global Game Jam (GGJ) had this 2019 a place in our city Paraná (Argentina), thanks to the club of entrepreneurs of the city and the UNER, we had facilities according to the event, with a total of 36 participants who for more than 48 hours (counting talks and presentations of the finished games) were able to participate in the GGJ.

In our place, the GGJ opened with talks given by members of the work team of Goat Carpet (Franco Degano and Lionel Angerami) aimed at giving an introduction to the design of video games as board games and the use of the Unity engine.

During the following 48 hours the participants could work on our projects, but also enjoy a recreation area generated by Invictvs distributors of table and role games (sponsor of our GGJ place), also thanks to the help of Entre Ríos Cultural Industries, we counted with food for the whole event, therefore, the biggest concern of the participants was the creation of the games with the theme given for this year …. What home means to you.

Despite being the first time that many of the participants participated in a jam and that the majority of teams settled in the place, a total of 10 games were generated (9 videogames and 1 table game), you can try them through the following link!

Try the games – Global Game Jam 2019  

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