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NOTI EXPRESS 06 – Summary of our year so far

The same thing happens to us every year … we want to share more with you. But we have trouble getting the time to do it, if you have been following us on our social networks you can already get an idea but today in this post we give you The summary of our 2019 so far. 

Among the great innovations we had during this year! the main one is the integration of new members to the work team, which allows us to be able to carry out larger projects and improve the quality of our current and developing games… which brings us To…


MPVP 2019

During the announcement of the fourth edition of My First Published Video Game (MPVP), a mentoring program for independent projects carried out in Argentina, organized by the Association of Video Game Developers Argentina (ADVA).

Our small experimental project of plataform autorunner, was selected to participate in the program, which is a great honor since there were 36 projects that participated in the call… and only seven were chosen.

You can know more about the other selected games, in the note made by PressOver. (in Spanish)


New Game – Pixi Poxi: The hardest autorunner

Although this year we have worked on several projects of our own and for third parties the one that has received the most attention is Pixi Poxi after being selected for mentoring, we have put all our energies into creating an entertaining game with a good feeling in it gameplay and can be enjoyed by the players.

The first version of this game is planned to be launched on mobile since its simple mechanics makes it ideal for this kind of devices.

If you want to see more of the game, you can follow us on our social networks! (At least in them we don’t take months to publish new things …) or more specifically in our YouTube channel and yes, we have a channel and we promise that we will start using it more.


This year we participate in several EVA events in different provinces, if you do not know what an EVA is. You can see the following Post, where we explain what they are. Again for the third consecutive year we were selected to participate in the awesome game awards at EVA Cordoba. Below we share some photos of the event.

We can not miss the opportunity to mention that during the EVA Mendoza we obtained the third place in the EVA Play award, with our Pixi Poxi game.

Finally we will be present during the EVA 2019 from September 11 to 14, at the Cultural Center of Science -C.A.B.A participating in the different proposals it offers.

Again we end this post with a promise (as we have done other times, but this time we hope to fulfill it) and we are about to launch our video blogs for the development of our games, it is an idea that we have had for some time, since we are not so active when creating a post for our own site.

The first video will be released during the next month and will be about our little game Always Green, do not forget to follow us on YouTube to not miss anything.


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