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What’s new in Ghost Creative?

It’s been a couple of months since the last post and if you have been following us on our social networks you will know that there are good reasons, we were busy with the “presentation” of our two titles in development, search for financing, trips to events and prizes.

Let’s start at the beginning during this 2022 we made a change of focus, we began the development of our own commercially oriented games for PC and consoles this means quality projects with a longer development duration and a larger budget.

After some changes of tools and in the team we started with the production of Beacon of Neyda.


Based on different inspirations we started this project although from the beginning the chosen visual style was the most attractive in equal measure our efforts in the design, the dynamic music and in a core gameplay with which we felt at ease the whole team was the biggest focus.

We shared our progress on social networks and slowly began to have more followers and interested people, perhaps leading us to make some hasty decisions in 2 months of work we already had an initial build, pre-alpha with a great section of what differentiates us missing, but with a closed gameplay that worked and in this way we carried out our first closed test.

With special emphasis on the atmosphere of the game, the feedback was positive, changes in controls and perhaps adjustments that we had already planned were mentioned, in this way we were sure that after a few more weeks of work we would have something to look for financing. .

We are a small team at the moment, therefore we cannot carry out large projects, we publish the Steam page of the game and we go out to look for financing, confident in our proposal… financing that we are still looking for, for this reason the development progresses slowly . We are talking to publishers for this game and we try to find the best deal to finish it, this would be our first game for consoles which would be great, we are very passionate about this project and we are confident that one way or another we will release it.

You can add it to your wishlist on Steam to follow the details of its development.

But in the search of always wanting to improve, in these moments of search another idea arose, Tracks n’ Turrets.


While a part of the studio was dedicated to the tedious task of generating new contacts, finding investors and making Beacon of Neyda known a small break was allowed, “we know that we are working on a bigger game than we are used to developing, so let’s use this break to try new ideas and methods to improve our workflow.

This is how Tracks n’ Turrets was born, a Tower defense game “on the move(?)”, the premise is simple you have a train and your wagons are your towers, you have to move along the train tracks to defend the village from waves of enemies.

Taking advantage of the fact that our social networks had grown a bit, we used twitter to ask our followers for name suggestions for this idea, after more than 100 suggested names, we selected 4, created logos and this time we let our followers vote for the one that they liked the most.

Once again, thanks to positive feedback, we decided not to abandon the project and we worked for another month to come up with a small build, just like Beacon of Neyda. When we closed the core gameplay and planned the project commercially, we realized that we were back in the same situation, a project that consumes a lot of time but with great potential.

It already seems repeated, but we are still working on the project, part time and looking again for help to finish it so you can expect new news in the coming months.


Our participation in events was reduced this year despite participating in many online during the past year the new focus on work and the fact of returning to a more normal state (post pandemic) made it difficult for us keep up with the pace of participation. Therefore, we participate in Argentine events such as MICA and EVA2022 where we present our titles in development, make new contacts and receive positive feedback on the direction of our games. During EVA2022 we were nominated thanks to Beacon of Neyda for best art, finally winning this award. Another event in which we were present and that until now is the only international event that we traveled to this year was PixelATL in Guadalajara, México. Participating in face-to-face events again is something unique and makes us very happy since we can meet new people and show our projects in a different way.


It is very broad to define all the new things in which we are present or are doing, but some of them are: trying our luck with videos in TikTok (we know that there is a very wide audience but we still don’t understand how to reach it… we need a community manager for our team).

New community in Discord (something similar to the above, we want to interact with our followers, but having little time we It costs a lot).

Steam, if we already have a game on Steam, apart from Beacon of Neyda (which you can add to your wishlist) , Punchbots a simple robot fighting game where you can play up to 4 people and it is in free early access to download it already has its page.

To finish this summary of activities, do not forget to follow us on our social networks and tell us something.

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