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Demo available now!

Hello everyone! my name is Christian and I am going to tell you about the Beacon of Neyda demo… After a few hectic weeks, I will answering some questions that you have asked me these days.

¿Why now?

Although the demo was published after our game participated in LAGS 2024 (a couple of weeks ago), it honestly did not come out in its best state and we had to make several adjustments to polish the experience, it is still somewhat rough but I think it has improved enough to be an acceptable demo, that’s why we announced it now… also preparing a Kickstarter campaign alongside the demo affected us a lot, the good news is that the demo will be available until August and maybe longer if the campaign Kickstarter has good results.

Where do I try it?​

It is available on our Steam page Here.

What now?

As for the demo, you will receive some more updates, to continue improving your experience (something that thanks to the feedback and opinions about the game that you, the players, give us, we are achieving). The next production phases of the game are still underway, such as new levels, enemies, missions, etc. (things that we will begin to share in the following development diaries). Although there are many factors, I can timidly anticipate that the game will be ready by 2025 and remember that it will be for PC and Xbox.

Can I help?

Yes, of course, your opinion and feedback on the demo is valuable, try the demo and share your experience with us, follow us on social networks and help us spread our content.
But if you’re really feeling generous you can give us a hand when we publish the game on kickstarter or help us with our Patreon.

That’s all for now, stay tuned, we will be participating in several events this month, and we may have some big announcements to make about the game.

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