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Hypercasuals and awards

True to our times… it took a while but this is the first post of 2021… and it only took us 3 months. But we bring some news and interesting news.

The video game industry is constantly undergoing continuous changes mobile games have grown and have given rise to specific genres including hypercasual, games with a simple premise that seek to entertain the player for a couple of minutes.

And since the end of last year but mainly starting this new year 2021 we embarked on learning, designing and developing hypercasual games. And after some prototypes created contacts and loose ideas, we participated in our first related event… a hypercasual game jam.


Going Hyper is an exclusive hypercasual jam which requires a paid subscription to participate and it was our first litmus test… which we passed it was a good experience and our game received two prizes added to the good reviews from various publishers.

That said we are currently in contact and collaborating with several in this new path for the study, the development of hypercasual games.

This does not mean that we are going to leave our personal projects or that we are going to leave other types of games behind simply the focus has changed.

While the studio is organized and grows we have not had time to publicize certain news and our activity on social networks has decreased but we promise that once our study stabilizes again. We will return to our networks and regular publications with new projects and games!



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