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Happy 2019! We started this year with this small post to explain that it is the Global Game Jam, as organizers of the site of our city we want to make it clear that this event is global in scope

Organizing this event in the site of the city of Paraná (Argentina) we realized that one of the biggest doubts that we are consulted is, what is the Global Game Jam (GGJ) ?

The GGJ is a collaborative event that was founded in 2008 and the first realization was in 2009 being born as an annual event led by volunteers around the world, although the first edition was only in 23 countries with a little more of 50 sites and 1600 participants, the growth of the event has been exponential, with more than 100 countries of origin, more than 800 sites and 42,000 participants in its latest editions.


During the 48 hours during the GGJ, the participants create games (mostly video games) around a theme given to all the sites alike the themes can be varied from words that describe sensations, sounds or even images. Some themes from past editions were… the word ritual, transmission, the sound of a heartbeat or the image of uroboro (image representing the infinite a serpent eating itself).

As for the participants they do not need to have any knowledge in specific, they can be enthusiastic or professional, be or not in the game development industry and unlike what is believed, when listening to what the activity is about the programmers are only a portion of the participants, musicians or audio specialists, artists, designers and writers participate in the event as well.

The GGJ seeks the development of collaboration among the participants motivates experimentation and innovation in the games created. It is an event to create bonds and have a good time if you arrived here reading… I will assume that you are interested and I will recommend that if you have the opportunity to participate, do not hesitate and participate! no matter where you are, surely There is a site nearby or you can create your own!

And with this we finalize the first post of the year! we hope to share new news and developments very soon… so do not miss it!

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