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Beacon of Neyda Dev Diary #7

Okay it’s been almost 2 months but Christian is here! Hi! Today I bring you a summary of how development is coming and what has happened in these almost couple of months since our last dev diary.


Why the delay?

Let’s get to the point, because we are working on the game… yes I know you would think it is a stupid answer, but if you have seen the previous dev diaries, you will remember that we have had a lot of problems working on the game in the year… To be able to maintain the studio we accepted other jobs and made small progress on Beacon of Neyda, slowly but steadily, but we did not get the funds to finish it and after many rejections even our motivation waned a little.

Luckily several things changed and finally for almost 2 months we have been 

working full time on Beacon of Neyda. History, mechanics and designs in general have already been defined and we are working on creating the best possible game, we still have limitations, we have not ruled out the idea of a kickstarter and we have opened a patreon, we do not know if it will work or if there are interested parties but we would appreciate all the help possible.

Finally we have plans to continue working for the next 6 months without interruption to finish the game. Don’t forget to join our Discord to find out the latest about our projects.


Development Status

In the previous dev diary we mentioned that we were going to change the construction system, but to achieve that we had to rewrite a lot of code, and it is something that we are almost finishing. After definitively modifying and fixing our drones, we have worked on the new construction/upgrade system and how the player interacts with everything.

In art, the work has been exhaustive, the amount of environmental assets for the new levels are on a very good track and the new elements with their animations are also on the right track.

As for audio, new music tracks are being worked on and we are playing with the idea that narrative elements of the game are not only through the visual of the environment, but also have the possibility of adding specific narrative audios.

which brings us to the point of the translations and languages that the game will have, at least in text we hope to start with the game translated into at least 5 languages at launch.

English – Spanish – Portuguese – Italian – French

As far as audio is concerned, English and Spanish, if possible… but the latter is not yet defined.


New award won

To close this new dev diary I would like to share with you that we won a award, we have been relatively quiet about the game without taking it or sending it to events since we are working on it. But we did a test by sending our game to ExpoVit, a small-scale video game event where we won an award for “Best Story and Narrative.”

That makes the entire Ghost Creative team very happy as it shows that we are on the right path with what we are working on for Beacon of Neyda.

That’s all, maybe we’ll have some more updates next month, but we’ll probably take a couple of weeks during the holidays and the new year.

Remember to join our patreon or buy our minigames at launch if you want to help us with the development and thank you very much for your patience, we are finally moving forward in the way we wanted in the development of the game.


Follow us in our Discord community for news and development progress.

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