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DEVBLOG 06 “New Casual game for Christmas”

We returned (yes… we have already said it many times) we have big plans for next year because of our little activity. But later we will talk about that… now our new game!.

Since a few days ago we started to test our new project in a closed beta, it is a simple hypercasual game easy to learn and play. We have had problems to follow our larger project so as a distraction and for the Christmas date we created this game as a “gift”… Always Green.

The name already begins to tell a little about what this game is about it is a fast reaction game where we always have to touch the green button … an extremely simple but effective premise.

As we begin to accumulate points the difficulty increases, this is due to the fact that the time to touch the green button is limited and the higher the score the faster the button advances.

It has a system of achievements and integration for google play leaderboard.

Finally if you have seen any of our Tweets in the past or read any of our development articles you will notice something familiar in the graphics our FocuSEE project could not get ahead… but we reused some of the elements and aesthetics of it to make this new casual game.

I hope you try it since the beta from this moment is open and after a few more tests very soon we will launch it you can download it totally free from Google Play in this link. Happy Holidays to all!



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