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three winners of a 2019 EVA award with their mentor

2019 an interesting year … 2020 a better year!

The last months of 2019 were very busy for us and this 2020 does not seem to let us rest, find out here everything that has happened to us.

For many it is not new news but we won a new prize with our game Pixi Poxi, we created a game for Cartoon Network for its local month of Argentina and we were organizing many … many events. Below is a summary of all this and more.

Winners of MPVP EVA 2019

MPVP (acronym in Spanish) or my first published videogame, is a mentoring program organized by ADVA, of 48 projects presented nationwide in 2019, only 7 were chosen, of which only 3 arrived at EVA 2019.

Our game Pixi Poxi: The Hardest Autorunner arrived at the end of this program and I can exhibit during this event. During the awards ceremony, we managed to get first place in our category.

We are very happy with what we have achieved and we only aspire to continue improving the project.

Pixi Poxi: The Hardest Autorunner

This has been a very interesting game project, and although we have delayed its launch for a period of a few months, we are happy to announce that very soon a small Demo will be available for all audiences in both PC and mobile versions.

The possibility of creating a more balanced game for our players, along with giving them the tools to create their own levels and share them, will make the wait worthwhile.

We will be announcing through our social networks the day of the launch of the Demo.


Small project for Cartoon Network Argentina

As some will know, we not only dedicated ourselves to creating our own games for our players, we also carried out outsourced work for companies and during 2019 we were pleased to be able to work creating a small game for Cartoon Network Argentina.

Hinchada ATR was created for the local month of Argentina, you can still find it if you are looking for it, it is a small clicker game, which we hope you enjoyed


Global Game Jam 2020

Among the various events that we organize between talks and exhibitions (you can visit our facebook or one of our social networks to learn more) organizing a place for the Global Game Jam again is one of the most interesting and challenging events, as the only place for a whole province, the logistics needed to do it is very large, but again this year, we had a lot of help from local governments, both provincial and municipal that declared the event of interest.

Together with the club of entrepreneurs of the city and the faculty of economic sciences of the UNER we managed to secure a space to do it again. We are very happy to know that every year more people and various aids are added so that this event takes place again.


Small mobile 2020 projects

And finally to finish this summary, our small team slowly grew and as a test we decided to put together a couple of mobile games using different technologies to familiarize us all with the use of them.



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