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Online events everywhere… everywhere!

Coming to the end of this 2020 we can say that it was a very particular year for the whole world, the pandemic has forced us to change many habits and the video game industry is no exception.

The greatest impact suffered occurred in industry events around the world despite the fact that perhaps for the general public, events related to video game development would not seem to be of great importance to developers and only players benefit. When you hear about the latest news and announcements from your favorite developers, the reality is that face-to-face contact is still very important in the video game development industry and one of the main ways to generate contacts, new jobs and movement of ideas.

With the cancellation of large events since the beginning of the year affecting many developers and companies (being a case ourselves more about that in this link), the immediate alternative was online events through various platforms.

Two of the main platforms where we participated in various events were PINE tool and WN hub.
The decision to hold online events opened new opportunities for both independent developers and small companies giving the possibility of participation in new markets around the world from the comfort of their homes and generating contacts that might be much more difficult to achieve without have the ability to travel or pay to participate in a face-to-face event.

The online events managed to lower the costs of access to them and increase the participation of interested parties… not everything is pros and there are several cons but we hope that as the current global pandemic situation normalizes the lessons learned from the events will not be lost. Online and that they integrate with their face-to-face counterparts.



Finally, this is a summary list of some of the events in which we participate or are going to participate in the remainder of this year and which we hope will continue to keep their part online, the list is not in any particular order.

  • CGC | LIVE
  • EVA 2020 Digital
  • White Nights Conference 2020
  • CGC | DAPP
  • HTML5 Game Developer Day
  • Expovit 2020
  • Game Connection ONLINE Week 2020
  • Game Developers Carnival by XSOLLA

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